In 2020 Russian tourists had no choice where to spend their vacation, so they had to explore domestic resorts. But many people stubbornly waited for the opening of the state whose border they didn’t notice before at all. Republic of Abkhazia laying along the Black sea shore is not recognized by almost any states exсept Russia. Here all the habitants speak Russian, Russian ruble is the official currency and Russian citizens don’t even need an international passport to get here. In Soviet Union Abkhazia was an elite place for communist establishment to have a rest, here were the summer residences of soviet leaders from Stalin to Gorbachev. And now it is an economy option for common workers and retirees to spent their vacation. Abkhazian locals didn’t hear about 5-star service and all-inclusive resorts but almost didn’t hear about the pandemic too. The time in Abkhazia seems to stand still, echoes of the Soviet days sound everywhere and people are leisurely and kind. Perhaps, these are the reasons Russian people like this place.